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Music Video on Nokia 5800XM

March 12th, 2009 No comments

5800xmmovieNokia 5800XM has a big LCD screen. It is good to play movies or music videos.

I usually use HandBrake to encode movie files for my mobile devices. At first, I tried to use H.264 format on the 5800XM, but it was not suitable. Then, I used ordinal ffmpeg avi encode. I adjusted screen size to fit the 5800XM to save file size. Screen size of the 5800XM is 640×360, so that t would better to choose screen size 480×360 for 4:3 video source.

I am also impressed about speaker of the 5800XM.

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S60 5th Touch Event Programing

March 10th, 2009 No comments

I tried my S60 3rd program ptsNotes on Nokia 5800XM to verify ListBox touch event.

When I installed ptsNotes, I got a warning message about compatibility because of S60 3rd application. Skipped the warning message and installation was completed. Then I could start the test.

ptsNotes was written and built using S60 3rd MR SDK. I already put touch event code in it as following.

void CPtsNotesMainList::HandleListBoxEventL(CEikListBox* aListBox, TListBoxEvent aListBoxEvent)
    if ((aListBoxEvent == MEikListBoxObserver::EEventEnterKeyPressed)||
        (aListBoxEvent == MEikListBoxObserver::EEventItemClicked))
        // open note document

Touch event was captured successfully. When I touched a list item, ptsNotes opened the document.

According to other S60 5th applications, operation like document open should be initiated by double clicks. So, I changed above event ‘EEventItemClicked’ to ‘EEventItemDoculeClicked’ and got good result.

Actually, I am having strange behavior in ptsNotes S60 3rd version on my 5800XM. Maybe, I should built it using S60 5th SDK anyway…  At least, S60 3rd SDK has touch event definitions, so that same program source codes can be used on both S60 3rd and S60 5th, I think.

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Nokia 5800XM

March 8th, 2009 2 comments
Nokia 5800XM

Nokia 5800XM

I got a Nokia 5800XM, yesterday.

I am using the iPod Touch, so that 5800XM touch screen behavior is a little bit strange for me. Large icon can be manipulate by finger touch, but small GUI parts have to be manipulated by stylus or fingernail.

After get used to the touch screen interface, 5800XM gives me stress free operation experience. Screen response is very quick and entire software is organized very well.

I got a problem when I tried to install my S60 3rd application ‘ptsNotes‘. Software installer complained about expiration of certification. Google taught me the solution. After reset by *#7370#, ptsNotes can be installed without any problems.

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